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だから、4月から Ana 先生はきてくれましたよ~ \(^.^)/


なんか Aia 先生によくにてるのね。



Ana 先生は、ヒーリングとかレイキとかやれちゃうんですよ!

おつかれの人はぜひやってもらてくださいね~ You Tube もちょっとずつやるから、みんな見て英語をならってね!

Ana 先生をよろしくお願いします😊

Hello, my name is Ana! It’s so nice to meet you all! I’m originally from どーこだ?, but I always had a passion for languages and different cultures. I’ve been teaching English for about 5 years and it’s been such a fulfilling journey. During my lessons, I try creating a welcoming and happy environment, so that students feel free to express their ideas while having fun learning. I’m looking forward to meeting and having you as my student!

Quiz : Ana先生はどこ出身でしょうか?

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