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Rihoちゃん (& Becky) のバースデー

Since both of us were born in August, we had a little birthday celebration together !(^^)!

We had a lot of girls chat while decorating the cake. Talked about everything.

I mean literally everything lol

And she was kind enough to prepare all these materials including

our lovely tiaras §^。^§ §^。^§

What impressed me the most was that even on such an occasion, she kept on taking

good notes of some sentences/phrases that I naturally used while chatting.

'A proactive learner' she is and that is definitely the key to improve your English!

I certainly enjoy talking with enthusiastic students like her!

She makes me think that I want to teach her more and more.

It was really fun. Thank you, Riho💛



文字通り なんでもね (笑)

この準備はぜんぶRihoちゃんがやってくれたの。2人分のティアラも用意して §^。^§ §^。^§




'積極的な学習者' なんだよね。これが絶対に英語上達のカギ!


もっともっと たくさん教えてあげたいって思えるからね。



ケーキをデコるプリンセス §^。^§ ↓

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